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Select Party Room

You can pick a specific party room to perform your party or select any to automatically assign you one

Select Party Room

You can pick a specific party room to perform your party or select any to automatically assign you one

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Booking Terms and Refund

  1. Online bookings require a minimum of 3 days notice. For late bookings please contact the store.
  2. Please try to book parties as early as possible so that we can provide you with invitations. The invitations will be collected in the centre or email to you when we receive your order.
  3. Deposit. A deposit is required to confirm all bookings. Deposits are non-refundable if you change your mind. Deposit will be refundable to the credit of the centre only for the Lockdown. the credit can be used for the entry, food and the toys.
  4. We will contact you prior to your party to confirm the number of children attending. Please be aware that you will be charged for the number of confirmed children plus any additional children on the day.
  5. Cakes. You can bring your own cake or we can supply one. Ask staff for details.
  6. Please advise us if any of your guests have any special dietary requirements or allergies, or if you have any other special needs.
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